Natural rawhide dog chew

Braided rawhide

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly

6" Braided Rawhide - Double Chew - 4 pack

Why NEOS and KALOS are the right rawhide for your dog?

The main danger with regular knotted rawhide bones is when your dog is given a rawhide knotted bone chew he is able to rip large chunks or swallow the knotted part of the bone. If your dog swallows these large chunks or knots there is the possibly of them getting stuck in his digestive system and creating a blockage.

You won’t have this problem with our NEOS and KALOS Rawhide Braids. We have no knotted parts or large chunks, in addition our manufacturing process of mincing and extruding the rawhide renders the rawhide soft and allows the dog to bite off small pieces allowing for easy digestion.

Digestible Super Food

Rawhide braids

NEOS rawhide braids offer the same oral-health benefits of rawhide - without the problem of poor digestibility.  NEOS Rawhide Braids are highly digestible.

Our patent pending process of cutting, cooking, mincing and extruding the rawhide makes it the first digestible rawhide on the market. In addition, our process enables us to add real ingredients to the rawhide making it the first “Flavored Soft Flexible Rawhide” and an extremely palatable chew your dog will love!

NEOS natural rawhide


  • Super Chews
  • Delicious Double Flavored Chews
  • Soft Flexible Digestible Rawhide
  • Alleviates Boredom
  • 100% American Beef Hides
  • Finally a Rawhide Chew That Appeals to Everyone!