1. Where do we get our ingredients?

NEOS and KALOS use only American Hides and American Ingredients.

2. Where do we manufacture?

All our NEOS and KALOS products are produced in Mexico.

3. Have we Passed Global Safety Standards?

Our manufacturing plant has passed all “BRC Global Standards” for Food Safety.

4. Our Patented Manufacturing Process:

While we can’t tell you all the secrets of how we make our patented rawhide, we can give you an overview so you can get a insightful overview into how our rawhide is uniquely manufactured and safe for all dogs.

It all starts when the hides arrive at our plant and is defatted and cleaned. Once the hides are cleaned, we cut the complete hides (cow skins) into small pieces in order to create the three components of our treats: the flavored strip, the flavored cylinder braids and the natural rawhide strip.

The pieces of rawhide are minced into small granules. These granules are then combined with a variety of fresh ingredients and flavors to give the unique and delicious taste you will only get from NEOS and KALOS chews. We also add humectants to help give our product that rough and fun texture that your dog's love.

We then cook the mixture to the required consistency before running it through an extruder machine, which resulting in the soft chewy cylindrical rawhide strips your dog loves.

Finally, these cylindrical strips are braided by hand. Then heated in an oven once again before they are ready to be packed and sent to stores across the country.

5. Why are NEOS and KALOS the right rawhide for your dog?

The main danger with regular knotted rawhide bones is when your dog is given a rawhide knotted bone chew he may be able to rip large chunks or swallow the knotted part of the bone whole. If your dog swallows these large chunks or knots of rawhide these pieces will be softened by his stomach enzymes and expand. Once that happens there's a possibility that one, or more, pieces could get stuck in his digestive system and create a blockage.

We developed NEOS and KALOS without the knotted bone ends commonly found is regular rawhide bone thus eliminating the possibility of your dog digesting large knotted chunks.

Further more our manufacturing process of mincing and extruding the rawhide renders the rawhide soft and allows your dog to bite off small pieces allowing for easy digestion.

6. What are the Benefits of Rawhide?

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and something they enjoy. Some dogs spend hours chewing everyday. Chewing rawhide can provide your dog stimulation helping avoid destructive behavior, alleviate boredom and reduces stress.

Rawhide also helps improve and maintain your dog’s dental health. The chewing process aids in scraping away plaque, controlling tartar buildup and maintaining health gums with helps keep their breath fresh.

Rawhide is high in protein and low in fat and is a long-time favorite with all dog breeds.